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Project Integration and Procurement

Executive Summary of Procurement Plan for ECU

ECU has been making an attempt in changing its suppliers and making shifts to environment friendly procedures. The attempts that had been kept in turn for achieving the sustainable environment plan has been able to be utilised through the Fuji Xerox Australia that has helped in arranging the IT that would use less carbon emission and help in maintaining the environment friendly assets. The collaboration of Fuji Xerox with ECU has several initiations that would help in attaining the targets. The following would be discussed in the following research with examples and the latest journals and articles in support of the initiation of the procedures. The target market and the steps utilized in the process require a plan. For that reason, a procurement plan would be made in order to assemble all the important steps that must be looked out for making the planning suggestive.

The plan would also be mentioned with all the important points and risks covered. The amalgamation of the process and the results both require the constant looking out for the steps that have been implemented. The virtual outcome can be measured and the involvement of the students would be foolproof in order to make the association with Fuji Xerox successful.

The ECU also targets to have only one supplier in order to make the process stress free and less confusing. In order to achieve that, there would be various steps and those steps and its results would be analysed in order to maintain the transparency of the working of the system. The involvement of the stakeholders would be done.

The next vital parameter that has to be taken care is reduction of the machines that has negative effects on the environment and the wastage must be reduced after the implementation of the new machines provided by the Fuji Xerox that would help in making the environment friendly product and maintaining sustainability.

Table of contents

Executive summary


Commercial, technical, ethical, and managerial issues

Application of plan and other supplier bidding models available for ECU.

Key factors and steps that are required while negotiating with the company

Role of commercial terms and conditions, UCC and applicable government regulations

Procurement plan for the ECU

Flowchart for procurement plan



Introduction to Procurement Plan for ECU

The ECU has been striving for implementing low emission carbon products in IT technology. The university has been trying to initiate the green project because it would manage to have the managed print services and centers including the specialized printing services. The ECU is also striving to have better courier services and wants to have better and improved student participation in the working of the organization. The printing materials must be enhanced and upgraded in such a way that it helps in improving the sustainable environment. The organization also wants to improve the luminance services and that can only be done through strategic management of the organizational group.

The organization also had suggested reinvesting in the revenue and strategic investment funding. For having all these implementations in hands, the organization must include their stakeholders and must collaborate with the service provider. The ECU has been wanting to change its several suppliers in place of one trustworthy organization that would help in making the implementation work well and help in achieving the target of sustainability and environment-friendly works. The university actually wanted to decrease the number of several fleets and give the chance to only one who would help in making the products and the technology better.

The research would also discuss the basic risks and the steps taken to decrease the discrepancies in making the environment sustainable and involving the students and their contribution. Before collaborating with Fuji Xerox, the organization was not organized enough and had many issues facing the suppliers. The above all mentioned criteria would be discussed and changes would be made in such a way so that the constituents would fulfill the requirements assessed by the university.

The issues that must be taken care of and done properly and must be changed and upgraded in such a way that the implementation of the changes put up in the IT technology can be done properly and without encountering any kind of confusion or problems. The following criteria must be assessed and taken care in such a way that no place for confusion is kept and management is taken care properly (Cunningham & Turnbull, 2020).

Commercial, Technical, Ethical, and Managerial Issues

ECU has been striving to get a system of managerial equipment which would help the organization well, without harming the environment. The renewal of the IT technology in the company that would include all the equipment used in the university such as laptops, printers, and other electronic materials. The company wants innovation in order to make the technology environment friendly. The supplies have to be managed at the technical, managerial, ethical level, and commercial levels in order to make the printing more sustainable. It can be done in collaboration with the printing company who uses environment-friendly products in order to make sure that the outcome is good and nature is not disturbed.

The technical level of innovation is required in order to implement the new technology in the organization. The technical level must be changed and implemented in such a way that the organization would be benefited. The technical team can test and assure the quality of the provided equipment and after the assurance check, IT can be implemented in the organization. The technical level of implementation also concerns the technical objects and aspects of the IT that have to be implemented. As stated by Ghadimi et al., (2015), the technical levels include the addition of the machinery and good products that include hardware and software of high quality so that the working of the machinery is not affected and work carried out can be without any hindrance. The data entry department of the company must handle the data entry which is the biggest challenge in the organization. The anticipation and the handling of the work of the department also come under the technical department and the data entry group is responsible for the initiation of the work progress of the technical department (Ghadimi et al., 2015). 

The managerial level of implementation is the work of the company staff where the company personals would work in implementing the IT of the company. The company staff and the managerial position people would work in applying ideas to incur the policies. The main obstacle that may be encountered is poor training of the employees. The employee must be trained sufficiently making them trained enough so that they can manage the outcomes of the goals that have been set. The company must strive to build innovative measures and help in the proper training of the staff in order to gain the maximum output and to avoid the extreme amount of negative impacts.

The ethical issues that have to be implemented are privacy, security, and communicable content. The privacy of the data of the organization must be kept intact so that there is no scene of data theft. According to Ciulla, (2020), the security of the manual data and the technical data has to be assured safe and it must be made sure that the data is encrypted and the technology and IT used must be in surveillance so that no case of data theft occurs (Ciulla, 2020). The operational units related to the students and their working must be kept in mind before implementing any new product. The security breach must be taken seriously and methods must be implemented in securing the data of the organization and students.

The commercial level in management can be helpful in making systems work. As stated by Adjei-Bamfo et al., (2019), the ways by which the new technology can work are winning over the staff because it helps to utilize the technology that can be useful and successful and the staff must get it used in order to see the benefits of the applied resources. The upper force has to be enthusiastic in order to get the outcome that would help in the management of the IT technology applied in the organization (Adjei-Bamfo et al., 2019).

As stated by Björklund et al., (2017), the continuous communication link must be there in order to make sure that the changes and the new features that are to be applied are taken into consideration and the new measures must be applied in a good way which would enable the proper implementation of the process (Björklund et al., 2017). The communication within the group and the organization help in gaining the proper outcomes thereby reducing the cases of less negotiation and flow of misinformation.

Application of Plan and Other Supplier Bidding Models Available for ECU.

The procurement plan for analyzing the collaboration of the ECU with Fuji xerox Australia is meant to put forward a number of services such as managed printing services, exam printing with specialization, print services with management, document advisory services, and courier and mail services. As stated by Abu Bakar and his colleagues (2016) in their journal, the plan would help to analyze the risk pattern and other beneficial output of the supplier (Abu Bakar et al., 2016).

ECU wanted the establishment and thought there was a need to reduce many of the existing contracts and suppliers who are already there but are of no possible use. They wanted some capable suppliers who would strive to provide continuous improvement in the form of annually reviewed price slots and the funds that are collected can be reinvested in improving the service quality, increasing capability, and foremost availability. It definitely probes the challenge to the market and the initiative responding to one supplier becomes hectic (Abu Bakar et al., 2016). As stated by ECU, there are many suppliers who have capacity and capability but they do not provide the functionality at all levels.

There are times when the suppliers enter the sub-contract arrangement and they tend to supply for only limited time and not all the time while binding into the contract. The procurement process involves the choosing of the suppliers that have already been done (Abu Bakar et al., 2016). The other steps that are involved in the procurement plan are discussed in relation to Fuji Xerox Australia.

The other important issues that must be looked into is the use of technology of printing and IT and making the technology in such a way that it is environment friendly. It must be made student-friendly as well because then the involvement of the students can be seen to a greater extent. Before the addition of the Fuji xerox, the working was not sufficient and it had to face a lot of problems with the suppliers. The university hence decided on having just one supplier in order to make the organization policy work.

The new policies would be implemented in making the involvement of the students to such a level that it would help in making the outcome positive and increase their satisfaction while working. The printing and lamination part would be increased and the use of the products can be made in such a way that wastage is reduced and the printing paper would be helped in efficient and eco friendly exposure.

The future prospects are the ones that would allow the involvement of the company for a longer time and there would be change in the providing of the services with the yearly change. The organization would strive to make sure that it encounters no problems and make relationships in such a way that Fuji becomes the only supplier for the university and that would lead to no confusion.

According to Chopra, (2018), the lessening of confusion would make the service more effortless and decrease the sites of misleading information. The only one supplier would also make the supplier understand the responsibility of them in providing better services and it would also help in making things transparent (Chopra, 2018).

The Strategic Investment Fund was one of the biggest highlights and a different view of the contract. It initiates the involvement of a fixed percentage of student printing revenue and it is made us that it can be reinvested. It would be done annually in using the medium of the resourced steering committee. Through this initiative, ECU is able to invest some of the revenue back into student engagement and experience. This plan has also helped in reducing the printing vastly and putting the rates down of the printing costs and also helping in simplifying the rates immediately (Cunningham & Turnbull, 2020). The company has the target of paper consumption that must be made down by 20%. There are chances in the machines that are old and recycling is required which can be achieved by 98%. It is clearly a good news for the organization.

The plans would help in making the students happy with the new services and the complaints would be reduced and are estimated to go away with the passing time that is being acknowledged now. The provided solutions are new and well serviced. The committee of the organization thinks it to be a mammoth step in delivering the services especially compared to that of the earlier factors.

Key Factors and Steps that Are Required While Negotiating with The Company

As stated by Glas et al., (2020), there are several steps that must be followed in order to make the working of the company efficient and the negotiation is mandated and well organized. The following are:

Step 1 – Identifying the goods and services needed is an important step in the procurement plan. The Fuji Xerox would be analyzed in providing eco-friendly materials in helping sustainable development and making the working efficient and useful.

Step 2 – By considering a list of suppliers, the ECU hence tries to enable the e-procurement plan in relation to only one supplier that has been chosen as Fuji xerox Australia, who are asked and taken to be the only supplier in managing the issues of the printing methods and machines. Fuji Xerox Australia was able to show higher strata of professional service by enabling the understanding level of the ECU. The process throughout is about the outcome that can be helpful in providing an understanding of the materials and equipment that would be helpful in making the work in a sustainable environment. ECU stated that the opportunities that have been provided by Fuji are a better level of understanding and moving forward with the materials that have been provided in the printing department. It also provided the opportunities that help in having the motives that ECU is passionate about. This is what would help in taking the leap forward. 

Step 3 – The negotiable terms and conditions must be taken into account and the contract with all feasible norms must be included so that the working can be communicated properly and with full assurance. All the directors and the working heads of the company must make sure that the terms and conditions fulfill the requirements and there must not be any scope of mismanagement in relation to the organization (Chopra, 2018).

Step 4 – Finalizing the purchase order of the IT equipment must be done on an earlier basis because the requirements and demands can only be fulfilled when the purchase and the delivery is done on an orderly basis. The delivery process must be made so accessible and risk free so that the damages are not done. This step can be done by making the policies strong that help in reducing risk and making the delivery efficient. 

Step 5 – Receive Invoice and Process Payment timely would enable the finance department to execute the amount and cash timely which would avoid any discrepancies faced by the company in availing the services. The stakeholders must ensure this step properly by providing timely finances to the suppliers so that the contract terms and conditions are maintained and there are fewer chances of malfunctioning of the system.

Step 6 – Delivery and Audit of the Order is another important step in the procurement plan. The auditing of the finances and the process of the transaction must be looked into very carefully by the accounts department. The delivery of the monetary cash and the equipment must be done in such a way that unnecessary delay can be avoided making the chances of mistake negligible. The delivery policy should be checked up so that the damaged product can be returned in a feasible way and can be helpful in making the transfer of the products safely without breaking any norms or rules provided by the government of the concerned country.

Step 7 – Maintaining Accurate Record of Invoices so that the transaction details can be managed and looked into whenever required. The maintenance of the records can be done by the officers who keep check on audit and keep records of the sustainability act in making the process effective and useful (Glas et al., 2020).

Role of Commercial Terms and Conditions, UCC and Applicable Government Regulations

While making the contract with Fuji xerox, the UCC terms must include the latest laws and rules in relation to the tender. The company would have the right to reject the products if it is not delivered the way it was ordered or asked for. As stated by Cheng et al., (2018), the UCC makes it possible to have proper initiation of the laws and the rules that would help in making the service in a better and synchronized way. It also includes the rejection of the goods by the buyer in the limited or guaranteed time if the buyer is not satisfied with the product delivery. The UCC code provides the proper rules and regulations to the buyer and seller and they must follow them in order to avoid any kind of discrepancies or confusion while delivering the services (Cheng et al., 2018).

The role of commercial terms and conditions would help in making sure the company may not make the rise of the price suddenly without any cause or notifications. The changes must be made regulatory and on a usual basis so that the degree of the service is not hampered.

According to Khemiri et al., (2017), the entitlement to risk and loss must be mentioned in order to make the expenditure in control and help in the changing of the received product. Payments and invoices must be done on a regular basis and the checking by the audit department must be done so that there is no scope of irregularity. The marking of the product and its origin must be done to provide the authenticity of the products. T

he Fuji xerox and the ECU must be made to follow these changes in order to make the working of the company and the service properly. The target of achieving sustainability can only be achieved when the plans and the terms and the conditions are followed clearly and wisely with the consultation of the members of the committee. All the information relating to the product must be delivered to the buyers and the danger that it may probe while shipment must also be discussed and analyzed (Khemiri et al., 2017).

The Australian origin company makes sure that the trading is done fairly and certain rules must be implied in order to get the things delivered properly. As stated by Khemiri et al., (2017),

the law makes sure that the consumer and the assets of the company are benefited without probing any harm. The concerns for the environment and the other important policies are taken into consideration and thus the country law makes the business run in a friendly atmosphere (Khemiri et al., 2017).

There has been the inclusion of future plans as well that would help in the progress of the organization steadily. The future plans include the contract renewal of the Fuji xerox Australia that would help in progressing the IT on an yearly basis. It would not be static and would continue to upgrade itself so that it would become the sole supplier of the technological items without any problems or miscommunication.

Fuji Xerox Australia’s approach to end-to-end Environment conservation was another big selling point for ECU. Given ECU’s stance on change and improved efficiency, environmental sustainability became a significant part of their change progression. Looking at environment efficiencies, this was another thing that is to be done in regards to Fuji Xerox Australia. It has a target to get paper consumption down and Fuji Xerox Australia has also taken our old machines and have recycled the machines and the output.

Fuji Xerox Australia recognised ECU’s passion to enhance the student experience, and not wanting to impose a corporate brand on the student environment, developed the Luminate brand for ECU. The Luminate brand embodies everything that Fuji Xerox Australia does whilst providing students with a relatable platform to help them bring their ideas to life.

It would Move from 11 marks and 180 models down to one make and 4-5 models has translated into far greater efficiency for user experience and training. There have been changes in IT support services, consumables stock holding and management, and device optimisation – 380 devices down to 260. The procurement plan helps in fixing the future prospects of the company and while planning it all dimensions of the business must be kept in mind so that no loopholes are discovered that would hamper the future of the organizational procedures.

Procurement Plan for the ECU

For the better initiation of plan and communicating the plans to the other members of the organization, the procurement plan must be made in advance putting up with the heading of the initiated plan and the flowchart made would show the stepwise forwarding of the procedures. The procurement plan can be displayed in the flowchart or box format and the step wise representation of the tactical operations including the identification of the promotion of the targets and the possible outcomes and the tactics involved in getting the work done accordingly. The following are the steps that are represented in the format and have to be followed by the organization.

The plan suggests step wise choosing of the organization followed by looking after all the possible improvements and the ways by which all the implications can be made successful in relation with the service provider. The finding of trustworthy suppliers has been overcome by the availment of the Fuji Xerox Australia and it would make amendments in its working in order to be the only sole service provider to the university. The Fuji would move to greater extent in providing class service and would help in managing the outcome. It would also provide the services that would help students throughout and make them responsible (Chopra, 2018).

Recommendation on Procurement Plan for ECU

The ECU and the collaboration of Fuji Xerox in attaining sustainable low carbon emission IT technology can be helpful in creating a caring environment and helping in maintaining the ecosystem. It would also enable the use of good quality paper and printing products. According to Helmold, (2020), while making the changes and delivering the services, the norms and rules would initiate discipline and help in making the collaboration of the work in accordance with the availability of the products and its uses (Helmold, 2020).

Further recommendations can be given by working on the basic policies with Fuji Xerox and helping them in providing the services timely. Timely risk must be measured and must be assessed in order to make the working go smooth. The business relations with the company must be kept to the utmost professionalism in case of the payments and invoices. The IT equipment must be upgraded and renewed from time to time so that the management of IT can be done efficiently. The other recommendations that are included in future prospects are including the new policies by the Fuji xerox in providing the sustainable development of the environment and the company as well.

References for Procurement Plan for ECU

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