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Everything You Need to Know About Oil Sands Extraction

Fundamentals of Oil Sands Extraction
June 03, 2021
Author : Chloe Kirner

Oil sands are a kind of deposit of sand that contains Bitumen. These are the most viscous forms of petroleum that are found in the world today. This becomes one of the core topics in engineering. Students who are majoring in this educational field often come across a number of assessment tasks that they find challenging to complete. This is where our engineering assignment help experts come into the scene and rescue such students from this chaos and guide them through the process of writing flawless assignments.

Approximately 10% of the total oil reserves in the world are situated in the Alberta oil sands. Interestingly, more than 96% of the total oil reserves in Canada are there in the oil sands. Among these, about 20% are open for private investment, while the rest 76% are owned by the state.

To write impeccable assignment solutions on this topic, it is important that you get through with all the fundamentals of oil sands extraction. In this blog, we will put forth a few of those things that you need to know before you begin approaching these assessment tasks. Without any further ado, let us begin.

What Is Bitumen? Our Engineering Assignment Help Experts Answer This.

It is a type of heavy complex hydrocarbon that is constituted within the deposits of the oil sands. At room temperature, it is almost solid in the state, while the consistency of bitumen is more tar-like. Bitumen contains a very high nitrogen concentration, sulphur and heavy other metals.

How Are Petroleum Products Produced From Oil Sands?

To complete writing these assignments with ease, our engineering assignment help experts have always emphasised clearing the basic fundamentals of oil sands extraction first. Over the years, we have not even left a single stone unturned for students in this subject field which is why they have been able to produce impeccable solutions and secure the grades that they have always desired for.

In this, one of the major fundamental concepts that you need to know is how petroleum products are produced from oil sands. Well, there are three basic steps for the production of petroleum products. Let us clarify them further for you. These are:

● Extraction

The first step is known as extraction. In this process, the bitumen is extracted from oil sands and this is where the other remaining solids and water are removed from the oil sands.

● Upgrading

In the second step, the heavy bitumen is upgraded to an immediate oil product of crude. The weight of this product after upgrading is lighter than the previous extraction.

● Refining

The third and final step in this process of production of petroleum products is refining. The crude oil that is obtained from the previous step is now refined to form new products like diluents, gasoline, and lubricants.

This is how oil sands produce a variety of petroleum products. Our engineering assignment help experts have covered this entire process for students and aided them to implement this in their assignments. This way, we have always been up and fully geared to assist students in targeting excellent grades in these assignments. Now that you have understood this process, it will be easier for you to work upon the assignments that are rolled out to students. Let us put forth a recent sample that has been done by our professional academic experts.

How To Write An Assignment On The Fundamentals Of Oil Sands Extraction? Here’s A Sample For Your Reference!

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Fundamentals Of Oil Sands1

As you can see in the image above, these are the questions that students have sent to us. Being thorough with the concepts of oil sands extraction, it does not take more than a few moments for us to answer them for students, in these, we have discussed several concepts. These are the theoretical questions.

Coming to the numerical questions that our engineering assignment help experts have answered for students, here is one of those questions that we have solved mostly for students.

Fundamentals Of Oil Sands2

These are the most tedious questions that students get. There are so many complex calculations involved in this question, which they fear. Having experience of more than ten years in this field, our engineering assignment writers have helped students solve all of these questions with ease.

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How Our Engineering Assignment Experts Help Students In Producing Flawless Solutions For These Technical Assignments?

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