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5 Latest Marketing Strategies to Survive the Pandemic

Latest Marketing Strategies
September 04, 2020
Author : Olivia Moore

In the present-day situation, the entire world has come under the brutal paws of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic and breaking free from its shackles has become a dream come true. Just like the rest of the world, even the marketers are facing a wide range of unprecedented challenges that have come as a repercussion of the global lockdown. The question of triumphing these triggered challenges looms large with us, thus, in this blog, we will be talking about 5 latest marketing strategies due to a pandemic that can come as a relief to a plethora of marketers around the globe. 

The impact of Covid-19 can be witnessed in consumer mobility, supply chains and economic volatility. As a result, organisations are devising out their moves and strategies wisely so that they are able to mitigate the risks or at least be able to project a smaller loss. 

Let us talk about some strategies that can help you sustain strongly in this moment of crisis. 

What do the Strategic Marketing Experts Say? 

Marketing Strategies by Experts

With the pandemic conditions coming to the surface, there is a question that is there in the minds of every marketeer nowadays, which is:

Yes, this is the most significant question that every marketer is asking today. With remote working and self-isolating becoming the new normal nowadays, reaching out to customers has become one of the most tedious tasks for the marketers today. This is due to the fact that supply and demand chains have been disturbed, naturally, there will be a shift in the marketing paradigm as well. 

Therefore, the need of the hour is to go for some strategies that can help them navigate them during the Coronavirus crisis. Here are the  5 latest marketing strategies due to pandemic that can help you. 

1. Directory listings

Posting the name of an organisation in a free directory is nothing new. It is a traditional listing method that has been continuing since the last few decades. However, as discussed above, there is a need to change the marketing paradigm for sustaining the present crisis. So, one of the best strategies is to list the name of your organisation within a business directory instead of a free directory to pace ahead in the competition. 

Listing an organisation in a business directory categorises it under different sections based on location, niche or size and helps in narrowing down the search of customers. Naturally, it will be easier to get exposure and attract high-quality traffic for your firm. Additionally, customers are also allowed to post reviews in the testimonial section and a great review beside your organisation would do wonders for your company, isn’t it?

2. Blogging

With social distancing becoming a hurdle in the path of millions of marketers around the globe, blogging comes as a means of refuge. In the existing crisis of Covid-19, staying in touch with the existing customer base is itself a challenge; further, adding new consumers is something that is beyond imagination. Therefore, going with the strategy of blogging is not only inexpensive but also engaging.  


When you create blogs, it is natural that you would get a better return on investment (ROI). Not just this, if the content of the blogs is relevant to what the customers are looking for, then there is a high tendency that your blogs would be ranking high and attract new customers for you. A well-written blog not only acts as a means to enhance your business but can also help people to gain a better understanding of various products and services. 

3. Replacing offline marketing with online marketing

When students approach us to know about the latest marketing strategies due to a pandemic that we think is the best at this time, we definitely advise them to shift their sales and purchases online from offline. Witnessing the work from home situations in recent times due to lockdown, it has become impossible for customers to step out of their homes and buy a product. 

Realising this, only those marketers are profiting who have directed their investments towards online sales. 

4. Focussing on entry-point (everyday essentials) instead of premium products

Huge firms like Amazon, Flipkart etc have even started to sell-off those essential items that customers use in their day-to-day lives so that they do not need to go out of their houses to purchase them. As a result, consumers are making use of ‘online shopping’ and ruling out traditional offline marketing.

5. Minimising drives that centre around short-term sales

Before the pandemic conditions, marketers used to focus on campaigns to make everyday sales and purchases stronger. But with social distancing becoming the speed breakers for markets, the new trend is to think of ‘sustainable marketing’. It is a holistic approach that focuses on the needs of the customers in future, without compromising on the resources of the present. Simply keeping the campaigns of the brand alive can help minimise the short-term drives and work towards achieving this approach. 

3 Post-pandemic Tips For Marketers That You Would Never Want To Miss! 

Now that the process of unlocking has begun in some parts of the world, it becomes quintessential to be ready with some tips that might come in handy post-pandemic. So, with these 5 latest marketing strategies due to pandemic, it is now time to discuss 3 tips that will definitely help your organisation to get back to position. 

These are:

1. Stay connected with your existing customers

Even if your business is not flourishing during the lockdown period, it is essential to be in touch with the customers who have been regularly associated with your organisation. Probably, sending them emails stating your future course of action, new products to be launched or any lucrative discounts will make them feel that you’re still present in the game. 

2. Keep an eye on your competitors

As per the strategic marketing assignment help experts around the world, knowing what the competitor is the best way to look at your own loopholes and correct them. If your business is suffering a loss, then what’s the perfect time other than the lockdown to get to the roots and check for the faults? 

3. Know new keywords of your business

It has been observed that the domain of marketing is really dynamic. Naturally, all the keywords keep on changing as per the requirements of the customers. And it has been generally observed that people don’t get time to think of new keywords. So, when you have time, you have to use it wisely and search for some new keywords that can be used to attract more customers post-pandemic. 

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